natural frequency

natural frequency
savasis dažnis statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. natural frequency; self-frequency vok. Eigenfrequenz, f rus. собственная частота, f pranc. fréquence propre, f

Fizikos terminų žodynas : lietuvių, anglų, prancūzų, vokiečių ir rusų kalbomis. – Vilnius : Mokslo ir enciklopedijų leidybos institutas. . 2007.

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  • natural frequency — 1) natural frequency of a body or system is a frequency of free vibration. 2) a frequency where a system resonance exists. If excited at this frequency, the system will exhibit very large displacements (for low damping levels). If the system is… …   Mechanics glossary

  • natural frequency — savasis dažnis statusas T sritis automatika atitikmenys: angl. free running frequency; natural frequency vok. Eigenfrequenz, f rus. собственная частота, f pranc. fréquence propre, f …   Automatikos terminų žodynas

  • natural frequency — savasis dažnis statusas T sritis Standartizacija ir metrologija apibrėžtis Sistemos virpesių, vykstančių dėl sukauptos energijos, kai nėra išorinio poveikio, dažnis. atitikmenys: angl. natural frequency; self frequency vok. Eigenfrequenz, f rus.… …   Penkiakalbis aiškinamasis metrologijos terminų žodynas

  • natural frequency — noun 1. : the frequency or wavelength with which a circuit or part of a circuit is in tune 2. : the lowest frequency or highest wavelength with which an antenna without added capacity or inductance is in tune called also natural wavelength …   Useful english dictionary

  • natural frequency — noun Physics a frequency at which a system oscillates when not subjected to a continuous or repeated external force …   English new terms dictionary

  • natural frequency — /nætʃrəl ˈfrikwənsi/ (say nachruhl freekwuhnsee) noun the frequency of free oscillation of a system …  

  • natural frequency — The frequency at which an object, circuit, or system oscillates or vibrates when set in free vibration …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • frequency — of vibration is the number of periods occurring in unit time. excitation frequency exciting frequency natural frequency resonant frequency …   Mechanics glossary

  • Frequency — For other uses, see Frequency (disambiguation). Three cyclically flashing lights, from lowest frequency (top) to highest frequency (bottom). f is the frequency in hertz (Hz), meaning the number of cycles per second. T is the period in seconds (s) …   Wikipedia

  • frequency — [1] In relation to a radio station, number of cycles per second expressed in hertz at which it broadcasts. [2] The number of times a particular event is repeated. Also see digital frequency control natural frequency radio frequency interference …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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